Rabbi Mayer Neuberger Shlita

Rosh Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael, Atlanta, Georgia

Implementing the והערב נא program into our 11th grade curriculum has created a chain reaction of growth and produced amazing results. Boys who previously were unengaged during shiur are now totally focused. With their new-found confidence, they can then view multiple chazaros as a joy and not as an impossible chore. It brings a talmid to real fluency and mastery of large amounts of gemara, which in turn results in a talmid who now identifies himself as a bona fide ben Torah.

Rabbi Eliezer Breitowitz Shlita

Rosh Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Toronto, Canada

I am writing to thank you and say יישר כח for all you have done to promote חזרה and a genuine sense of accomplishment in learning. Today we had a heavy snowstorm so a number of boys who live far from the Yeshiva were unable to come. I was in the Bais Medrash learning with my own chavrusa, but I could not take my eyes off the grade 12 boys chazering the 13 blatt they all know so clear. You are changing their lives in the most meaningful way.

Rabbi Shraga Soloveitchik Shlita

Menahel Breuers Yeshiva, Washington Heights, NY

Rabbi Newman has brought a revolution to our yeshivos. Mesivta bochurim are always encouraged to finish the large masechta being learned during the current year, but usually only the top masmidim finish the masechta. והערב נא focuses on every bochur, not just to finish, but to know a masechta, not just to go through a masechta, rather a masechta to go through you. It may be a smaller מסכת but the aliyah that these bochurim have, isn’t just for that מסכת . It opens up a door of מתיקת התורה and the realization of ” יגעת ומצאת תאמין ”. This creates a great aliyah in רוחניות , which lasts through יו“ט and בין הזמנים.

Rabbi Tzvi Mordechai Feldheim Shlita

Menahel Yeshiva Toras Chaim, Denver, CO

Rabbi Newman’s program is a bolt of energy. Igniting a spark of enthusiasm where it is lacking, and excitement where it is desperately needed. It has created a dynamic atmosphere of learning, and has revitalized a class that has struggled to become motivated.

Rabbi Yaakov Choueka Shlita

Menahel Mesivta Ohel Torah, Brooklyn, NY

I’ve been teaching bekius for many years. Unfortunately it was often the most dreadful time of the day for me and the bochurim. The seder was nap time for some bochurim, and many who were awake would just be looking at the clock to see what time it would finally end. As a rebbi giving it his all, this was very disappointing for me. This year we joined “ והערב נא ” and it literally made תחיית המתים . The bochurim now run to shiur! it has become from the most “geshmake” parts of the day. What a joy to see the בחורים chazering with such חשק , knowing the גמרא “in the bones” We thank and wish R’ Dovid much הצלחה to spread this program בכל ערי ישראל.

Rabbi Zev Freundlich Shlita

Rosh Yeshiva Shaarei Arazim, Monsey, New York

The most important aspect of Rabbi Newman’s program is that it changes self perception of each of the bochurim. Changing one‘s self perception is one of the most difficult things to do in Chinuch. The V’haarev Na program does just that. Another amazing concept is, it gives the boys a new role model, that role model is
none other than the bochur himself!