In September – I hated going to yeshiva, and learning gemara was dreadfull. Now in June- after a year of Vhaarev Na and owning a masechta, I love yeshiva, and gemara is my life!

– Avi


מסכת סוכה has now become ME. It is the highlight of my day every day. The fact that I was able to be “קונה” the מסכת, teaches me that I can accomplish whatever I put my energy into; any מסכת, and ראשון, any אחרון.

– Meir


My whole life was positively affected, Chazering 124 blatt over Pesach בין הזמנים.

– Chaim


It is חוה”מ סוכות, having chazered מס’ סוכה twenty four times, made the מצוה of ד’ מינים so beloved to me, I literally kiss my אתרוג before putting it away!

– Shloimy

I enjoy snowboarding more than most things in the world, but that feeling comes second to the feeling of knowing a גמרא cold – “in the bones”!

– Sruly

I always “wanted to want” to learn. גמרא was not גישמאק so I put all my energy into the English subjects, finally I was introduced to the והערב נא program which taught me that it is quality, not quantity that counts. It’s the חזרה, over and over which makes the גמרא enjoyable. Now my life is born anew, I want, enjoy and love learning!

– Moshe Aryeh

In September it was unheard of for me to open a גמרא after the שבת סעודה. Now, it is unheard of not to learn for at least an hour Friday night and שבת day!

– Yisroel


My קבלה is to חזר two daf a day. It will be difficult not to, because the מסכת is now “part of my life”. Thank you so much for showing me the Simcha of Torah and enjoyment of being a Yid in general!

– Yehuda

My favorite סוגיא in מס’ סוכה is נסרים, because it was the hardest for me to get clear, it required the most עמילות and חזרה!

– Yitzy


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