Nachas from Gateshead, England

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“The amount I have gained from vhaarve na is tremendous. The feeling of finishing and knowing megila is indescribable. I am far from finished with vhaarev na as the skill I have learnt both doing the chazora and filling in the Gemora will stay with me forever.”

G. H.

“It has enabled me to reach new goals and heights which until recently were unfathomable for me. The Gemora is so sweet, and easy to read. You have changed my life for the better.”


“Out of the 10+ years I have been in school yeshiva, I have never come out of a shiur with any learning, I have never finished a year knowing even one omud, neither have I ever come out of a seder with the understanding of a piece of gemora. Then came vhaarev na! Although I was skeptical at the beginning about whether I would feel this ‘awesome’ feeling, still I gave it a go. R’ Shaya, it works!! I enjoy my learning, I understand the Gemora, learning is actually sweet. The Gemora has gone through me. I know a whole mesechta on my fingertips, nothing has ever given me such satisfaction.”

M. G.

“Thank you so so much for this amazing program. Over the last few months you have transformed my learning and I have achieved what I thought was never possible.”

A C.

“The program has not only changed my learning, its changed my whole yeshiva life.”

G. H.

“You transformed my love for learning”


“Learning has never been so enjoyable”

Z. H.

“We cannot thank you enough for giving our son the chance to taste the sweetness of Torah. For us, it is a nachas to watch him be so motivated and truly enjoy his learning. You have given him a lifelong gift, how fortunate he is, how fortunate are we…”

Mr. B.

“Over the last few months we have seen a seismic change in our son. His eagerness to learn, his learning schedule when he was at home and his general approach to his gemora learning has dramatically improved. Vhaarev Na kept the boys motivated and excited to learn and achieve new heights – heights that they didn’t imagine they could achieve.”

Mr. P.