WATCH! “Vhaarev Na” along with S.Y. Rechnitz, Baruch Levine, and Eitan Katz present you “KULANU”

With Vhaarev Na releasing not one, but three different music videos, each featuring a unique song and video highlighting the power of Chazara, most of the world has heard of this inspiring organization. To have bochurim around the globe learning, and not just learning but chazering (reviewing) again and again until they really know the Gemara, is a truly important mission in developing a genuine Ahavas Hatorah.

Vhaarev Na is proud to introduce you to their NEW program called “Bonai Chavivai,” which focuses on 12 year old boys learning a Masechta in honor of their Bar Mitzvah. Not just to learn the Masechta, but to chazer (review) it again and again until they literally OWN it and make it theirs.

With any Vhaarev Na announcement/release, they are introducing the public to the new program by way of a song and music video to the words Kulanu composed by R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz and R’ Baruch Levine.

Bonai Chavivai is currently available in Monsey, Lakewood,  Brooklyn,  Passaic, Far Rockaway,  Baltimore,  and Los Angeles. 

To bring this program to your community and/or for sponsorships please visit or email Rabbi Dovid Newman at 

Composed by: Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz & Baruch Levine

Performed by: Baruch Levine, Eitan Katz & Nachi Kaufman

Produced by: Doni Gross

Video produced by: Moshe Bree

Filmed by:  Motty Berkowitz, Moshe Bree, Shmuel Gilbert, Mordy Gilden, Shmuel Heinemann,  Jake Kamensky

Vhaarev Na is currently instituted in 53 Yeshivos, impacting many thousands of bochurim. For more information please visit or email Rabbi Dovid Newman at

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